Waiting for wind

beach blue sky boat daylight
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In a former life, in which I was actually a paid employee, I had a nickname: “Metaphor Man”. I’d like to say it was bestowed upon me affectionately, but I’m uncertain that was the case. I was well-known to speak – to reinforce a position; present a thesis; or support a recommendation for decision – by employing figure of speech to compare my statement with something else that was similar or analogous. In a profession defined by complex investment transactions and support for entrepreneurial technology companies engaged in a wide variety of business models, it always seemed an appropriate way to communicate and aid an audience to understand a concept or proposal. Or maybe it’s just a weird and irritating personality trait – among many. Whatever.

In the run up to the commercial release of The Hermit of Carmel, I was known to compare the process and emotional demands associated with publishing the novel to either that experienced by an expectant parent awaiting the birth of a child, or, alternatively, preparing a sailboat for a voyage around the world. I know a little about both and still think that they’re equally apt. But my kids are pretty grown up now, and, I’m considering embracing the sail-cruising lifestyle, so I think I’ll stick with that.

Today, (metaphorically, of course), I raised the sails, weighed anchor and manned the helm with no idea from which direction the wind might blow, or how strongly or consistently it might continue. But, I have cast off. I’m ready for whatever weather might come my way. My destination is unknown. I just hope that I’m not becalmed. I need to go somewhere. I’d prefer high and shifting winds over no wind at all.

The Hermit of Carmel was (finally) commercially released today. It is now available in print format and across numerous digital platforms, including Apple, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Barnes&Noble, Indigo, and, shortly Google Play Books. Subscription platforms including Playster, Scrib’d, 24Symbols, and Overdrive are all carrying it too. I’m encouraged by the fact that by noon, 9 copies had been recorded sold. Sales are my wind. Keep it coming.

Plans for a formal launch event in Carmel, CA, originally scheduled for March 5, have beed delayed due to a couple of unanticipated and unwelcomed life events. But I’ll get out there soon to continue promotion of the book and meet some great book lovers.

I thank all those who have supported me to date. You know who you are. Your assistance in helping me prepare for this voyage will not be forgotten.

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