The Hermit of Carmel

Hermit cabinOverwhelmed by personal loss, lawyer Robert Das abandons his home and career, and embarks on a personal journey to escape his grief. Das travels to a place he knew in happier times – the theatrically beautiful Monterey Peninsula. A chance turn finds him deep in the Del Monte Forest, where one night’s sleep in his car turns into a plan to live illegally and covertly within the forest fringes of a wealthy enclave in Carmel. He winds up a voluntary hermit – squatting in a wooded gulley surrounded by some of the most expensive homes and finest golf courses in California. Eventually, boredom motivates Robert to explore the exclusive golf courses that encircle the woods, and he elusively steals play-time — gaining him notoriety as the hermit-golfer. He attracts the attention of the local police, golf course security and residents of Carmel, who regard him with disdain and suspicion. Dodging notice and stealing materials to craft his home, Robert eventually regains perspective on life, re-engages his passion for golf and life.